Book Series Review: “Big Theology for Little Hearts”

As a Christian, homeschooling mother, I’m always looking for books that point my children heavenward.

We are big on teaching our children sound doctrine and theology. I can hear the masses now – “Theology?! Isn’t that like… for theologians?”

And sure, it is, but everyone’s a theologian in their own right, including our children. We all have our beliefs and our own thoughts about who God is and what He requires of us. The problem is, that even self-proclaimed Christians’ theology can sometimes be very different than true Biblical theology, and so here we are, teaching our children theology so that they will not be fooled.

Enter in “Big Theology for Little Hearts” – what a name! This book series is written and illustrated by a husband and wife team, Devon Provencher and Jessica Robyn Provencher. The works themselves are board books, sturdy and durable. They are small enough for little hands, yet big enough that my children can sit at my feet while I read to them and not be straining to see the illustrations.

There are three books in this series: “The Gospel”, “God” and “Jesus”.

I own “The Gospel” and “God”, having been gifted them for a birthday, but I’ve yet to get my hands on “Jesus” (though I’m anxious to!).

Today I will be reviewing “The Gospel” and “God” and will update with a review of “Jesus” as soon as I receive it!

I am currently using “The Gospel” as a resource, as we look forward to celebrating Christ’s resurrection in the next month! I want my children to understand the absolute gravity of our Savior’s sacrifice, and this book is a great way to teach them just that. Something that I especially enjoy about this book, is that it doesn’t begin with the teaching of rebellion. Instead it begins by explaining God is the Creator of all, and as Creator, He made man in His image. This is so vital to the teaching of the gospel, and how many Christian resources miss the mark? We are not like the rest of His creation. We are His image bearers. We are His children, and so, He has given us a way of redemption! From there, it details rebellion, what our rebellion deserves, God’s way of salvation and what our response is to be. So good. Always appropriate, but especially for this season!

The Gospel (Big Theology for Little Hearts): Provencher, Devon, Provencher, Jessica: 9781433565250: Books

On to “God” – this book is a fantastic introduction to the attributes of God for young minds. Of course, this doctrine essential to the Christian life. Without understanding who God truly is, we are far too apt to create a god of our own devices and think we are still worshipping Him. For this reason, I am so excited about this book! It’s concise, yet abundantly clear. The illustrations are engaging in a way that cause children to think critically and ask questions. I can’t wait to create a unit around this book in our home school!

God (Big Theology for Little Hearts): Devon Provencher, Jessica Robyn Provencher: 9781433565236: Books

I highly, highly recommend this series to Christian parents! They are published by Crossway and are available on Amazon ( Crossway: Big Theology for Little Hearts). You can get each book for $9.99.

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