About Casey

Hi all! My name is Casey. I just wanted to share a little bit about myself and my purposes for this blog.

Let’s start with the best stuff first – three years and some months ago, God saved me and a short few months after that, God saved my husband! Like most new Christians, we have been eager to serve and be used by God, and like many new Christians, we believed that to serve God, we had to be apart of church leadership. However, nothing could have been further from the truth, and in that, I began to look past the ministries which were right infront of me – that is, wifedom, motherhood and stepmotherhood. Don’t get me wrong – church involvement and service are so important, but the priority must always be the home.

That is what I was made to learn, and as I became more committed to our home, as I prayed over my husband, myself and my children, God showed me the seriousness of my calling. He began to show me that my children were like arrows in my hand (Psalm 127), to shape and sharpen for His glory.

I have a wonderful, God-fearing husband named Alex and five precious children. My stepdaughter, Brynn, is age 7. My oldest daughter, Molly, is 5. My son, Gabriel, is 4. My youngest son, Asher, is 3. And our youngest, Hannah Mae, is 9 months old.

In these posts, my hope is to give and take wisdom and encouragement with other Christian mothers. I know that the calling is difficult and grueling. Some of us are in challenging situations, in strained, blended families or without the support and leadership of a Christian husband. Others may be wives to pastors. All come with their own, unique challenges which pose difficulty to raising Godly children. How imperative it is that we hold one another up!

On this blog, I will share my experiences with you, review books, include you in Bible studies and discuss the training and discipleship of children. I hope to learn also – through you!